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The first programme in egypt

The first programme in egypt 

The Egyptian Radio and TV Association started broadcasting its projects in 1960. It is the official TV foundation of Egypt and is settled in Cairo from its celebrated structure Maspero. It has eight public stations, a few satellite stations, and a gathering of radio broadcasts. It has a few media networks and managerial areas: the Egyptian Broadcasting company, the Nile Broadcasting company, the Mahrousa TV station, the Egyptian news community, the radio area, the monetary area and the security area. , And the secretariat area. The League canceled Law No. 92 of 2016 on the Institutional Association of the Press and Data 

Egypt has known radio in cutting edge stages from the Bedouin nations and explicitly in 1925 - after the rise of the primary radio broadcast on the planet in five years - through the stations possessed by some beginner and relies upon subsidizing for ads and models in the time you Radio Farouk, Radio Fouad, Radio Fawzia, Radio Sabo. Toward the start of May 1926, the imperial announcement was given specifying the conditions for the authorizing of remote gadgets as per global shows. These stations started broadcasting in numerous dialects ​​such as Arabic and outsiders in Egypt, which were communicated in English, French and Italian. 

The radio broadcast "Heliopolis", the main radio broadcast, and after two years opened another European common station is the radio "Sabo", and in 1932 opened "Radio broadcast Sovereign Farouk" and in Alexandria opened the most celebrated radio broadcast "Viola". These radio broadcasts were worked by specialists, so they utilized them as they preferred, some pre-owned them to communicate messages of adoration, others to publicize the products and furthermore to private messages routed to their companions. The Egyptian government at that point attempted to arrange and control the neighborhood radio broadcasts, Here and there quiet down and abstain from broadcasting the letters of adoration, and afterward re-visitation of altering. 

The greater part of the proprietors of these radio broadcasts were traders who abused them to advance their merchandise and benefit from broadcasting advertisements, for example, Radio Fuad station set up by Aziz Boulos, and Radio Farouk station set up by radio seller Elias Shakal. Stations between various people, and was feeble transmission doesn't cover more than the neighborhood from which broadcast, a large portion of them were set up in a room or a little loft, and know the desires of the audience members through letters and calls, where he conveyed mail every day to A portion of these stations thirty or forty talks, and was portrayed by the paper Slam phones don't quiet down in the room connected to the radio room. These stations reacted to the solicitations of audience members right now and the scope of sending the majority of these stations between 2-4 hours every day, regardless of whether for a couple of times of transmission