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When did people start using stamps

When did people start using stamps ? 

A postal character is a small piece of paper that is used for the purpose of placing it on postal or any official or administrative papers such as insurance papers or registration papers for any legal or other transaction. The existence of a postal character in any document or transaction is evidence that The owner of the transaction actually paid and paid the fee, which has two sides, the front face, which contains the image and the price of character, and the back side that is pasted on the document. 

There are many forms of stamps, there are triangular stamps issued in the Ivory Coast, in addition to the circular stamps issued in the United States of America and was the shape of the globe, and there are stamps taken non-geometric forms, such as stamps Sierra Leone issued stamps in the form The most widely used and used stamps in the world at present are rectangular stamps, which are made using many materials by country. There are those who use paper or wood, and there are cloth and silver or gold ornaments, which are printed in numbers Beer on a single sheet of paper, and each character is separated from the other through the bitmap breaks openwork. 

The first use of postage stamps There are many novels concerning the identity of the inventor of the idea of ​​stamps, but the history of the use of stamps for the first time in 1840, in the State of Britain, by Sir Robert Hill, among the reforms he wanted to do with the postal service , Was the first stamp of Queen Victoria, followed by the United States of America, and then Switzerland and Brazil to be spread all over the world. 

Types of postage stamps 

There are many types of postage stamps, some of which will be mentioned: 

Air transport postage stamps: which often carry images of famous pilots or pilots, through which cargo is distinguished by means of land transport. 

Commemorative stamps: which are issued in a certain period of the year, when certain events occur such as official celebrations and birthdays. 

Custom-made stamps: They are produced at the request of a specific person, who sends the photo he wishes to have on the stamp. 

Normal or final stamps: usually used, which may not be renewed until long, as their design is not as attractive or distinctive as other stamps. 

Military stamps. 

Perforated stamps: which have a perforated print in the middle, as a letter or graphic, which are usually purchased by institutions to prevent fraud and theft by employees.