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Where was the most recent African cup of nations competition and which country won ?

Where was the most recent African cup of nations competition and which country won? 

The African Cup of Countries was first held in February 1957 in Khartoum, Sudan, where Egypt crushed the host country in the last to win the Abdel Aziz Abdallah Salem Prize, named after its giver, an Egyptian who was the main CAF president. That prize was for all time granted to Ghana in 1978 when it turned into the main nation to win the competition multiple times. The following prize, known as the African Solidarity Cup, was granted for all time to Cameroon in 2000 when that group asserted its third title since 1978. In 2002 another prize called the Cup of Countries was presented. 

The opposition has filled in as a grandstand for the gifts of African players. During the 1950s and '60s the competition's assaulting, engaging style of play held onto the creative mind of African fans and pulled in European headhunters, specialists, and writers. Under the administration of Ethiopian Ydnekachew Tessema, CAF president from 1972 until his demise in 1987, the cup procured more noteworthy global esteem. Demonstrable skill was permitted in 1980 and corporate sponsorships acknowledged in 1984. Among the cup's most noteworthy entertainers are Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon, who holds the record for most vocation objectives scored in the Cup of Countries (18), and Ivorian striker Laurent Pokou, who counted five objectives in a 6–1 triumph over Ethiopia in 1970. 

Past the limits of the battlegrounds, the Cup of Countries has been a channel for the enunciation of political qualities and thoughts. Having acquired pilgrim establishments without indigenous images of public personality, numerous autonomous African governments put extensive monetary and political capital into public football crews to evoke pride and assemble solidarity among their assorted populaces. For instance, with the energetic help of Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana won the cup in 1963 and 1965. In winning the 1996 competition at home, South Africa's racially blended group appeared to represent football's capacity to connect the vast social and monetary imbalances left by politically-sanctioned racial segregation. Conversely, the Algerian government couldn't benefit from Algeria's triumph in the 1990 Cup of Countries, as fans commended the group's victory in Algiers by reciting their help for the resistance Islamic Salvation Front. Political pressures brutally disturbed Some Countries in 2010: the Togo group transport was assaulted by dissident shooters as it went into the Angolan exclave of Cabinda on its way to the competition; two group authorities and the transport driver were executed in the assault, and the Togolese group pulled out from the 2010 Cup of Countries, which was held with 15-group field. 

The table gives a rundown of African Cup of Countries champs. 

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