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Science and the constant pursuit of knowledge is the real reason behind the advancement of peoples. Therefore, we must appreciate science and scientists because they have a great and clear influence on people, as science aims to develop the mind, develop intelligence and increase human awareness and awareness.

A person should not be satisfied with acquiring knowledge and knowledge after the completion of his education stages, but he must continue to collect information from multiple sources in order to succeed in keeping pace with development and developing his skills.

The importance of education for the individual and society

Education is of great importance to the individual, starting from helping him get rid of ignorance and illiteracy to helping him expand his awareness and giving him a great capacity for creativity, which makes a person possesses a great capacity for familiarity with all areas of life, there is a big difference between an educated person and an ignorant person who is easy to deceive, given that he He is limited in thinking besides there is a difference in the style and general appearance so that the learner has a special style of dealing and talking to the uneducated.
Education is also of great importance to society in general, so parents should pay attention to educating their children from a young age, in application of the famous proverb that says education at a young age is like engraving on stone, so it is the duty of parents to help their children in developing their thinking and instilling the desire to acquire knowledge and lessons
The state also has a big role in its development because it brings many benefits to it, as it is the way to achieve progress and prosperity for our country.

The state's role in promoting education

The responsibility for developing educational mechanisms rests with the state and its responsibility to pay attention to educational institutions and the educational process, because it is the one who bears the responsibility for qualifying teachers and it is the one who sets the appropriate education curriculum. Therefore, it is imperative to develop curricula that are compatible with students' abilities, and these curricula must also be developed in order to become interested in teaching reading with writing and achieving a comprehensive education plan.
And inculcating many moral and religious values ​​and developing a spirit of belonging among students.

Benefits of interest in education

The interest in education has a great impact on the individual so that it makes him able to face the challenges and problems of life, as it also helps him to be a cultured and upscale person in his dealings and bear responsibility and able to overcome difficulties and accomplish the tasks and tasks assigned to him and be able to produce and keep pace with the great development that takes place in the world. It makes him more aware and keen on his homeland, religion, and the progress of his society, because society increases its value with the value of its members.
In the end, the credit goes to a good education that leads to the success of society and the progress of the state in many political, social and economic fields.
There are many models that can be used to emphasize the importance of education, such as Japan, which was keen on educating young generations and building their minds until it succeeded in a short period of achieving great success and development at the level of the world until it became one of the first developed countries around the world.