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Mohamed Salah


Expression of Mohamed Salah history of Egypt is always what is full of characters great that achieved many of the achievements and have a reputation and wide on the level of local and level of the world, and the most important and months of these figures in our time today is a player football football Egyptian Mohamed Salah , who shot to fame in The world 's entire one months and the most important star and players football football at the level of the world .

 Mohamed Salah is the pride of the Arabs

Mohammed Salah of the most important players football football in the history of Egypt and in the history of the continent of Africa the whole and so what achieved by Mohamed Salah from figures record and achievements with clubs that play them in months patrolling the world such as league England and with the team of Egypt as well and the order receiving the many of the awards world and that dream all - star football football on the coronation by .

No doubt that Mohamed Salah has become the most important and popular figures Egyptian at all and has become a role model for a number of young people and children and the symbol of pride for the Egyptians and Arabs fully draws everyone from him the spirit of hope and challenge and try to reach the dreams and overcome the all difficulties that may face None of them are on the way to reaching his goal .

And it is not limited to fame and the love of Muhammad Salah on the Egyptians or the Arabs only , but that has a mass and knowledge of a wide on the level of the world after booking his seat among the legends of football football , and continues to Mohamed Salah as a source of sources of happiness and joy that the intervention pleasing to the hearts of the Egyptians whenever arrived To achieve a specific achievement .

Introducing Mohamed Salah

Is Mohammed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghali was born on 15 June in 1992 in the village Ngregg of the city Bassioun in the province of Western , and is a player football gave Egyptian plays in the focused wing of the right , and is playing now at the club Liverpool one the most important and most powerful clubs league English and who achieved Mohamed Salah with him many of the achievements , and that one of the elements of the elected national Egyptian important and from columns pivot in the team of Egypt , is Mohammed Salah a most prominent and the most important players football football Arabs and Africans 

And that to achieve many of the achievements of the most important journals world , which made him achieve fame and wide on the level of global and puts himself in the position of the players an adult and become the legends of football football at the level of the world and become known among young people and adults who are chanting his name . 

It appeared to Mohammed Salah his career in the ranks of the club Contractors Arab and then headed to the professionalism in the ranks of the club Basel Swiss , and from then Chelsea FA and club Fiorentina and Roma Italians , and his club current Liverpool , England , and has achieved Mohamed Salah with the clubs that played her many of the titles important and achieved where many of the achievements that are calculated to him .

Mohamed Salah's personal life

Starch Mohamed Salah in the family of Egyptian - ordinary simple very composed of father and who works trade and the mother , and is the goddess of the home , and a brother , and sister , and was the circumstances of the family financial modest and prevented him , and between access to education university , married Mohamed Salah on 18 December in 2013 From Maggie Muhammad and gave birth to a daughter named Mecca .

And Mohamed Salah got married early and took his family with him to Europe to avoid problems and rumors that talk about celebrity relations with girls , so he got married early and took his wife and daughter Mecca with him in Switzerland during his professionalism in Basel club and to England during his professionalism with Chelsea club , but he was not able to take them to Italy by turning professional at Fiorentina in an immediate and that the delayed issuance of passport travel to his daughter Mecca , and had suffered by his wife and daughter while later , and live Mohamed Salah 's life quiet with his wife and daughter Mecca .

Mohamed Salah's march with the Egyptian teams

In the year 2011 played Mohamed Salah in the ranks of the national team of the Egyptian Youth in the Championship Cup World Youth and which were built in Colombia and played Mohamed Salah with many of the young people who have become stars , like the player Ahmed Hijazi and Mohammed because I and others many , and participated Mohamed Salah with the team young people in 11 games and has logged three goals during .

 As said Mohammed Salah was part of the team 's Olympic Egyptian and that in the Olympic Games to London in 2012 where he Mohamed Salah registered in all games team to the side of the goals of the players of others like Mohamed Abou Trika and participated Mohamed Salah with the team Olympic in 11 games scored during which four goals .

And either for the participation of Mohamed Salah with the elected national first has become Mohammed Salah and one of the star team national first since his participation with the team before the team Sierra Leone and that in the qualifiers Cup Nations Africa in 2013 , as he participated in the play in the qualifying nations of Africa in the year 2014 and that got Mohamed Salah in which the top scorer in association with Mohamed Abu Trika and involved as well as in the qualifiers in 2015 and contributed to the arrival of the team for the championship of the African in 2017 after the absence of the tournament , and that Mohammed Salah has become one of the most important elements of the national team of Egypt today and was of the most important elements that contributed to On the arrival of the Egyptian team to participate in the World Cup in Russia .

Tournaments and awards that received by Mohamed Salah

And got the star Egyptian Mohammed Salah on many of the awards and championships , where he won the league the Swiss with the club Basel and won the Summer League Champions Europe and Cup Super European with club Liverpool England , and won the center third with a team of young people in the Championship Cup Nations African .

And won with the team first on the Summer Cup Nations Africa in 2017 and was able to qualify to the Cup world in 2018 in Russia , and As for the awards individual has earned Mohammed Salah on the award the best player upward in Africa in 2012 and award the best player in the Super Swiss and award the best player P Club of Rome and award the best player Arabic from Globe Soccer and award the best player African from me my PC and the award for the best player African and got as well as on the shoe golden in the league England and other many of the awards , which reaped the star of the Egyptian .

 At the end of the subject should be stress on that Mohamed Salah no longer just a player football made a plain but became the symbols of Egypt and of the most important figures of the Egyptian and became the interface to Egypt and the ambassador has in the forums of international , and that Mohammed Salah and one of the most important players football football in the world and put himself a place among the legends of football football world and book himself a place in the hearts of the fans that follow the clubs that play in the ranks where he called him in his name and singing the songs of their encouragement .

 And we as Egyptians that are proud of this young Egyptian , who has become a role model for all young Egyptians and is evidence on that is not there is impossible and that access to the dreams as possible and no effort is wasted in vain , and we celebrate this star and encouragement and stand in the back and support even continue in tender and sparkle , and the order to maintain a series of achievements that intervention pleasing to the Egyptians and the Arabs as well