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 E- learning " its concept, benefits and characteristics "

​( Teaching and learning goes global with e-Education and research networks )

Instructors are continually searching for the most ideal available resources to give an intelligent learning climate to pull in understudies' revenue and urge them to trade perspectives and encounters . The technical information is represented in the computer automated Internet and Maalhak them from the media multiple of the most successful means to provide this environment education rich, where he can work on projects     Collaborative between the schools are different, and can for students to develop their knowledge of topics of interest to them than through contact with colleagues and experts have the same concerns . Located on the students ' responsibility to search for information and formulation , which develops the skills of thinking they have . As the communication through the Internet develops skills , writing skills and language English as providing online students and teachers to the extent both texts written in English in various topics and different levels .      As for teachers , the communication network global enables the teacher to access to the expertise and experiences of learning difficult access to them in ways other . Lies the power of the Internet in its ability to link between people across distances enormous and between the sources of information mixed, use of this technology increases the opportunities of education and extend them to the extent beyond the scope of the schools, and this Maaraf under the name of education mail , which is the most important features of the school future .    

Yes, there have been vast changes in the field of education recently . And it began to market work, from through the needs of skills and qualifications of new forces orientations and terms of reference updated to meet the needs of the economy of the new . Therefore , the curricula of educational subject are other re - look to keep pace with the requirements of modern technologies available, such as education e - education direct , which depends on the Internet . But the field of education mail and solutions will not be successful if you lacked the factors essential of elements available in the education of traditional current, this latter achieves many of the tasks are not directly or is invisible to the transient way , who believes that the technology Internet will be overthrown , all balances without access to but the process of educational in Deep . Where is a time of students to schools and attending mass is an important instill a valuable educational manner is directly and enhances the importance of the work common as a team one .

The varying terms of reference of the institutions of learning - mail between a group variety of services, such as obtaining a certificate master is directly over the Internet, or the granting of certificates of technical programmers and specialists in the field of technical information and that of the advantages of the wonderful, where you turn the procedures necessary and provide the criteria required to launch programs recognized by the study for after .

According to some female students and research specialist, shows that the proportion of 48% of the institutes and universities , traditional had had put forward their curricula are directly on the Internet in the year 1998 , in while increased the ratio to 70% in the year 2000 , and in the other hand , there are universities do not offer their services and curricula only for through the Internet such as the University of Ingle Wood Englewood And Colo Colo And a capella

It is expected to achieve industry learning e - direct via the Internet growing large from 6.3 billion dollars in the year 2002 to more than 23 billion dollars in the year 2004 , so as shown by studies that have the group Ai de C research market, based thus on the development of the great in the sector E- business and the increasing demand for professionals and specialists . It is part , it is all from Oracle , SAP , and others from companies producing programs to join this sector important design products appropriate to him .

Study problem ?

 Pass institutions teaching at the time present in the phase shift drastically due to the pressures of economic and costs huge from the point and to the world of business from the point of another , and the difference great among students who choose to attend schools or learning from distance is also the factors that shift , and in spite of all this is still Colleges and schools attract numbers of students to their grades to receive education .

With the frequent increase of students, educational institutions, especially higher education, have tended to use the Internet to deliver courses to students in remote locations . It also encouraged the delivery of courses to students on the campus of the educational institution as well . Where he saw some of the institutions teaching that this way a way to attract students who are not able to attend to the buildings university , while you see institutes other as a means to meet the needs of the quality of new students .  

Yes, educational institutions have felt - at the present time - the economic pressures , so they have tended to control costs , improve quality , focus directly on customer needs and respond to competition pressures , as I found that information technology IT - Information Technology    Has the ability to solve the most of these problems , it can be changed the role of the student and the college also , Ftisr focused on the learner , and provide money from through the process of sophistication to work , and increase the focus on the contents of the curriculum .  

With the increasing use of the techniques of modern , accept all of the colleges and students to some extent both the changes that have taken place in an environment of education . Valorteurat grades scientific became available on the Internet , was the establishment of schools and universities , libraries , virtual , Fbasttaah student submission , registration and enrollment in the university , and the purchase of references and books and attend lectures from the non - registration of any visit actual buildings university , number of disciplines and programs , education has been developed so as to be the interaction between them and between the students this type is called education with the help of the computer , some programs and other more interactive which allows students to send their views and comments to squares discussion and that all through the sites on the network the Internet and this kind called debate asynchronous Valmchark in this kind read and comment on the topic before the discussion when given a chance so in times of his spare , there is a type of another of education is the education instant or simultaneous , which uses the debate immediately or chat , there are participants can interact and debate among them at the time and one real . No matter all the way used for education , transformation must be be from the halls of the lesson traditional to the halls of the lesson through space informational     Cyperspace.  This is the future of education , a so - called education - mail, so the this study is trying to answer the question the following :

What is the concept of e- learning ?

  From this question, one can ask about the following questions :

Q1 : What is the concept of e- learning ?

 Q2 : What are the characteristics of education in the e- society ?

Q3 : What are the benefits of e- learning ?

 Q4 :  What are the obstacles to e- learning ?

Study importance :

Aim of this study to know the concept of education mail as well as the characteristics of society in the era of space informational and then addressed the benefits of education e?

Study limits :

Given that the elements of education e - many too , so the this study will be limited to the answer to the questions the following without addressing the standards of design education electronic or future or characteristics or methods of education mail .

First : the concept of e- learning

Education mail is a way of teaching using mechanisms Contact modern from the computer and its networks and the Saith multiple of sound and image , graphics , and mechanisms of search , libraries and electronic, as well as the gates of the Internet , whether it was about after or in the class classroom is important intended is to use the technology of all kinds in the delivery of information to the learner in the shortest Time, less effort, and greater benefit .

The study on the distance is part derived from the study of electronic and in both cases , the learner receives information from a place far from the teacher ( source of information )  , and when we talk about the study of electronic is not necessarily to talk about education immediate simultaneous (    online learning) , But may be education mail is asynchronous .  Virtual education : is to learn useful from remote locations that are not limited by space or time by means of the Internet and technologies .

Direct e- learning :

It means the words education e - direct, style and techniques of education approved on the Internet to connect and share lessons and topics of research between the learner and the teacher, and education e - concept of intervention in which a lot of techniques and methods, it has witnessed a contract eighties adoption disks compact CD For education, but its defect was clear, which is its lack of the advantage of interaction between the subject and the teacher and the learner or recipient, then the spread of the Internet justified the adoption of direct e- learning on the Internet, in order to simulate the effectiveness of realistic teaching methods , and the touches and human aspects come through direct interaction between the parties to the educational and educational process , and we must differentiate completely between the techniques of education and just contact e - mail , for example, we will discuss training in companies and education in schools and universities to discern the effectiveness of this method new , which campaign online for us .

Realism in education :

Is the lack of aspects of realism in the process of education e - direct the most important disadvantages of this method in education that needs in some cases to touch humanity between the learner and the teacher, and singled here to speak categories that useless where education e - direct and now we find that it targets students stage secondary is mainly then students universities and professions other such as doctors and engineers any more or another training institutional , which receives workers and technicians in the institutions and companies large on different fields .

There are materials education suitable for education e - direct and check the effectiveness of large, for example , I can explain to you at length about the phenomenon of a scientific nature but flight school or go to the lab and watch this phenomenon more directly to sing for every effort that can be we are making in the system of education e - direct to explain the phenomenon , ie that material education electronic direct must be be suitable for him and suitable for his style, so we can say with all confidence that it can adopt the training e - direct are successful a complement to the methods of education and educational basic so as to develop the resources available for students to be trained on the use of technology to improve learning and finding schools more flexible and increase interaction parents of students in practical education in addition to increasing the access of students and the availability of technology to them and to expand opportunities for the development of vocational teachers can technology to enhance the capabilities of students , teachers and educators .

 And see some educators and experts that the education e - direct or education based on the computer will deliver resistance to hinder its success if it was without prejudice to the conduct of the process of educational current, or threatens the edges of current because it sometimes depends on the solutions radical in its implementation .

E- Education based on the computer :

Not still education - mail - based on computer CBT Computer-Based Training A method synonymous with learning basic traditional and can be adopted in a complementary methods of education usual and in general we can adopt the techniques and methods of many within the plan of education and training of a comprehensive based on a set of methods and techniques, for example , if it was the difficult broadcast video tutorial via the Internet do not mind to be submitted on CD CDs or tapes Video VHS As long as that it contributes to raising the quality and level of training and education and prevents bottlenecks amplitude wave on the network and requires education e - hand essential to justify its adoption and investment in which a vision window of commitment by the long - term so as to avoid obstacles and difficulties in technical information and resistance and aversion educated him, and I am thinking here say one of my teachers it is one of the veteran in the education and guidance of education where he told me recently that he was estranged from the computer and talk about the multitude of what he heard from the exaggerations around him on that mind e - intelligent , who will control the world but he realized that the computer is not merely being a stupid and just the machine stops her intelligence limited to the user and his proficiency in the creation of programs smart and effective make the user benefit them instead of that benefit is consuming time and effort without pointless lies in saying that the focus of the success of the education e - which depends on the development and selection of the system of education e - fitting of where to meet the requirements of education Kalthadit continued to keep abreast of developments and the observance of standards and controls In the chosen education system to ensure the level and development of the learner and to achieve educational and educational goals , as the information technology It is not a goal or an end in itself, but rather a means of communicating knowledge and achieving the known objectives of education and education , including making the learner ready to face the requirements of practical life in all its aspects, which have become dependent in one way or another on information technology and its rapidly changing nature .

Second : the characteristics of education in the information society ?

The information space is the concept of space where words , human relations and data , and power appear by people who use computer technology as a medium for communication . As for virtual societies : they are cultural groups that arise when a group of people meet each other in an information space clearly and simply. In the past, the concepts of distinction or differentiation were and organic are the factors closely related to the development of societies , People who participate in hobbies certain make up communities of the order to continue their hobbies that distinguish them from the rest of the communities , in addition to that societies characterized by communities in general are characterized on the basis of where the city is small or the village and around it is a society , and so on . With the emergence of communications electronic reality default , has become of difficult to determine what means the word society , communities woven types of different and the characteristics of variety, so the entry in the world of communities , virtual and ability to training for distance requires operations different completely from the difficult completion of by some people . Scale , which is used in which the persons computer as an intermediary for the communication of the order to teach people new to re - education or their hobbies or attract them and include them into groups or sects and communities that are working where , those are the issues key to building a society to be computer automated as a mediator , and therefore the some researchers gave the term another individual in The virtual community, which is the electronic personality ( when a person works on the computer with other people ). In this episode, we will discuss the most important technical techniques that must be taken into account when training in a virtual community .

Conditions of education in the space community :

  1. Ability to continue the dialogue internal of the order to prepare answers .
  2. Create the form of the privacy language space for a person from the place it is connected as well as to create a sense of internal has privacy .
  3. Ability to search in the topics emotional in the form script .
  4. Ability to create an image of thought about the colleague opposite in the process of communication .
  5. the ability to create a sense of attendees immediately during the process of communication .

 If the environment is electronic allows the trainee emergence of his personality electronic , and people introverts are more suitable for education in environments default , it is something that is encouraging for people introverts to take plenty of time to think about the topic at hand before the response it , but for people who are open or social interaction in their environment becomes difficult , but not impossible , because their interaction is their presence among others , so choosing the education best is education in the atmosphere of a lively and this gives them the ability to performance better and then get the results better , but introverts Vanjazhm be better in the atmosphere quiet or environments default so understanding does not find it difficult to join to environments , virtual reverse people social who want always in the environments of social loud .    

The question is important is to do you can communities build groups of immediate education incomplete from non to Taatkabl groups and face - to - face?

 On despite the importance of meeting face - to - face in some respects scientific , but that this meeting is not appropriate to change the composition of groups the immediate continuing , it is possible to find a training without this type of communication . And that is through discussion boards , dialogue rooms , and others, where the participants meet and express their ideas, opinions, suggestions and comments about goals, ethics , obstacles , methods of communication, these are the principles in societies that meet face to face and this thing happens in electronic societies .  

The main steps that must be taken into consideration when teaching in virtual communities :

  1. definition is clear to the objectives of the group .
  2. Create site special for the group .
  3. Appointed commander of the effective of the group .
  4.  Definition of principles and behavior .
  5. To allow the organization of the roles of members .
  6. To allow the facility for groups sub .
  7. allow members to dissolve their disputes .

Taking these steps may enhance and encourage communication among the members .

Conflict in virtual societies :

The changes that occurred in societies were characterized by a great speed , which made it difficult to define the name of society . Societies today are formed around issues of identity and common principles and not on the basis of geographical location .  And this can be defined community on that unit integrated continuous arise at the confluence of a number of people in the interests of common .  When you meet people on the objectives of a joint of order to work on the completion and development of the principles of behavioral , it may occur disputes between members during the discussion space on the topics at hand to achieve those goals, and therefore should the groups continue to talk and not to stop the order to accomplish tasks as a team one . When you try to avoid conflicts may lead it to the disintegration of the group , conflicts stage of basic must work through which so to get to the stage of completion , it has demonstrated many of the studies that work in groups instant is similar completely with the groups that are working face - to - face .

          Can occur conflicts in the communities of e more than societies traditional , and that because of the lack of presence of interlocutors and face - to - face and not allow them to engage verbal , which may lead to lead to poor understanding , then the difficulty of expression and emotional than through the text , so The possibility to resolve tendencies to be greater than by means of electronic .

          Principles and procedures for conflict resolution in education in virtual and online communities :

          Work during the conflict helps to find continued strong among the members of the group and lead to the results of positive, and in the communities of educational instant will contribute tendencies in a kind of cohesion among the members , but contribute also to the quality of the results of the process of educational , so the professor in environment education instant must to be comfortable in the When a conflict occurs .  Here it should be noted to the point of the task of which is that there are dangerous when they are not able professor to resolve the conflict in the communities of electronic , Vvhalh to influence or support in resolving the dispute may lead to the destruction of the process of education , but the reluctance warned of by the students involved .    

          The building attic can say that it must be brought to attention in education for distance to the development of a sense of unity within the group of participants so as to ensure the success of scientific education , community education is the tool that occurs practical educational instant of which , Members are dependent on each other to achieve the results required from the curriculum of education and an example of that when it penetrates ( enters ) a participant in the site due not happen there any type of interaction for several days , the this thing leads to frustration and discourage motivation .

          The new model for the professor is one that gives a sense of independence , initiative and creativity , during dialogue, participation and encouragement to ask questions .

Interactivity in the virtual learning process :

           In education the traditional sees students each other , and know each other to know good from through practical teaching , but the question how we make all this acquaintance and interaction occurs when a connection is limited to text or audio across the screen computer only ? The fact is not can that happen so on the spot , but can facilitate it in a way one can develop a discussion of mutual for guidance no matter for how to participate between the groups with each other , and be the beginning of the curriculum by sending messages welcome and orientation and this thing is useful to start the dating default , the professor in this type of education must to be flexible , we introduced the agenda of its work and programs in order to enable the functioning of the process of educational and then allow students to perform their programs for each according to their needs special . This means that the debate may be in not feel the professor with satisfaction the whole because of the freedom of full and absolute student and the difficulty of control in the rooms debate , but which can coin guide the debate in the direction of another serves the practical educational way sound .    

          Environment education in the community default need to space specific issues personal in education immediately , and this thing can be done and follow - up throughout the period of the study , and this area if not arise may lead to some students look for ways other such as the use of e - mail to put their affairs personal , feeling some of them lonely and insular when lose this space , which leads to a sense of not gratification and a sense that the process of educational does not meet their needs, so it is not necessary to prepare this space in an environment of education mail .  

The question now is are all e- lessons effective ? Are all programs of education for after using tools with effective ?

          No can be made up community education mail by someone one , the professor responsible for facilitating the process of educational , students and participants responsible for the establishment of this society , in this way can say that we established the lessons electronic effective , and students are not limited to their role on access to courses only , but goes beyond to participate and comment and to express an opinion on all the issues at hand , the professor he always guidance and control in the process of educational and work on to be lessons appropriate and attractive to make students Moazban them to get communication between students among them , as well as between them and the professor to build community education .

          The possibility of thinking before the answer and comment and make observations help to raise the spirit of participation and commitment , education is e makes the debate is open in the topics at hand , as the participants do not have any fear or reservation Varaihm sent through technology does not watch them in which one where the guidance to get the answer right through discussion among the students , in addition to that the work through means of written and in the absence of viewing direct provides an opportunity for participants to focus on the meaning and content of the messages , and as a result so the ideas evolve and be more mature , and the creation of infrastructure and social means access to a feature characteristic of the structure of the lessons that we get then to the process of learning effective , ability to cooperate and create knowledge indicators on the healing and the success of the community educational default .

Expected results of immediate community creation :

1 communicate effectively with the contents of the curriculum and the participants among them .

2 cooperation joint during the process education among students among them more than they communicate with the professor .

3 share resources among the students .

4 support and encouragement of mutual between the students and so when evaluating their business with them .

5- Create an immediate, solid and coherent social structure .  And to talk the rest .....

When building virtual societies, a number of issues must be addressed, namely :

1 assumption in exchange for communication humanitarian , interdependence , integration .

2 share responsibility , regulations , roles , principles , and participation .

3 Threads psychological .

4 Privacy , ethics .

* Assumption in exchange for communication humanitarian , interdependence , integration :

          It is difficult to convey emotions through immediate textual media , especially anger, but it is not impossible as it depends on the growth and development of society, its type, and whether it uses real ( human ) and virtual communication . Some of the participants in the education default do not are paying attention to what they say and write , but do not write clearly , and that because of their belief that everyone knows them and this may lead to a bad relationship between the two parties, and that because of the impossible for people who they meet for a simple across communities , virtual knowledge of some knowledge of real and deep .  

In fact , the follower of the reality of education default finds it suitable too for people introverts and lonely , person Loner can sit on the computer and communicate with people from non - brawls or Ahina, because sometimes be following up not written without the participation .  

The concept is the default concept reverse to continue humanitarian in contact electronic foundations of bilateral pseudo so because the people are who made tools contact regardless of the consideration of its kind , whether they're text or virtual , more information please contact the script makes us think deeply about our words that we send through communications instant .

Sharing responsibilities, rules, functions and principles :

          When you look at how the evolution of society , we begin to study the subject of responsibilities common , rules , roles , principles , if we share the responsibilities for the development of groups of through participation , and then you do not need to follow the rules and work out .

          When we look at groups of around us note that there are people trying to keep relations going on at the occurrence of weakness in the debate , while some others try to settle the differences, and another inspects attendance and absences , impetigo these roles index on the evolution of societies default .  

          Communication between the groups establish principles , The groups can be discussed objectives through methods of communication , like this debate will help the emergence of a society an emotional feel in which a person of security and privacy , and an area of cohesion to help him in sharing ideas freely during the process of educational .  

          In education the traditional presence of the student in the hall lesson is to attend even if it was silent , but in education mail , the student who attends and participates as if he is not present , so it does not need to pay the teacher in the education e - attention great for the participation of all students , and in order to be collaborators do not need to We are all involved . The rest of the hadith ...

Psychological issues in training in virtual communities :

          The involvement of people in the community has benefits for many , but at the same time , the there are things that cause anxiety . Persecution can be destroys the psychological , and a sense of pressure can be produced by the feeling of fear , anxiety and lack of stability , which leads to a sense of the person as an outsider , may result from this to become a person a lot of silence and isolation .

          It may happen in some cases , to speak some people about discrimination in color , sex and religion , and the occurrence of such these things in the community education makes the trainee worried and relieved simply may leave the student study , because of the difficulty on the professor that needs to be a student in his opinion and thought with those groups .

          The issues of psychological from the point of view of technology depends on the type of environment software and mechanisms used , if I feel the person that he relieved about that software , this means that relieved and safe psychologically in that environment . There are also things that may lead to psychological problems such as visual fatigue , back pain and headaches .

          Professor must to be on familiar with and knowledge of the issues of psychological that may affect the success or failure of practical education in the community mail , and build it must encourage students to take risks and not fear especially in put forward ideas .

          When you think about the sensations through community - mail , it seems as if we are talking about two things contradict each other , and with it , we believe that the feelings and emotions enter the community mail through a number of entrances and thus enter the lessons of electronic .  As the community e - based human and the human range of emotions and feelings if these sensations are the energy potential that motivated it is important in education mail that cares professor feelings and the feelings of students .  

          As should be noted that in any interaction of social occur attempts to attack all through communication , there are problems many talked about by contact between people , and with this information please contact him the benefits of great outweigh its risks , that the privacy issue of great in any society , which appear in the society through the methods of many such as communication Telephony , communication via regular mail or e - mail , and there is no guarantee that this privacy will be preserved from abuse , and so is the case for communication that takes place in the virtual community .

          As for the talk about ethics, it opens a wide space for discussion and controversy , since this issue appeared with the use of the Internet and electronic lessons   Electronic ClassroomAnd so many stories when using e - mail E-mail , Then the development of this subject became discussed in the media media different .

          It has emerged problems and ethical as well as because of the poor use of sources of technical public or shared such as printers shared in networks , areas of disks storage , stations work open in networks .  Based on this can be said that the issues of ethical must be placed with interest in communications electronic .

          The privacy in communications electronic It is impossible , then the encoding of messages is the meaning of the trusted him in the privacy , and despite this , we find that the communications electronic used in the ocean academic especially read by people other likely to be a person is present in the hall lesson actually may result from this dispute because of the Privacy .  

          Finally can say that education in society default is in accordance with the framework of a particular special is governed and led by the technical Privacy is ethics and aspects of psychological and willingness to address factors essential in societies default . 

Third : the benefits of e- learning :

          There is no doubt that there are justifications for this type of education that are difficult to enumerate in this article, but it can be said that the most important advantages, justifications and benefits of e- learning are as follows :

(1)  increase the possibility of contact between the students among them , and between the students and the school , and that of through ease of communication is between these parties in several directions , such as boards of discussion, e - mail , rooms dialogue . The researchers believe that these things increase and motivate students to participate and interact with the presented topics .

(2)  contribute to the views look different for students :

     Forums instant , such as boards of discussion rooms and dialogue provide opportunities to exchange views to consider the topics at hand , which increases opportunities to take advantage of the views and proposals put forward and merged with the views for the student , which helps in the formation based on solid when the learner consists has knowledge and opinions strong and sound and that of through what he acquired the knowledge and skills all through the rooms of dialogue .

(3)   Sense of Equality :

Since the tools communication allows each student the opportunity to give his opinion at any time and without embarrassment , unlike the halls of the lesson traditional , which deprives him of this feature either for the cause of poor organization of the seats , or the weakness of the voice of the student himself , or shyness , or other of the reasons , but this kind of education It provides an opportunity full student because he could send his opinion and voice of through tools communication available from the e - mail and boards of discussion rooms and dialogue .  

  This feature is more useful to the students who feel fear and anxiety because this method in education makes students enjoy boldly greater in the expression of their ideas and the search for facts more than if they were in the halls of the lesson traditional .  

The proven studies that the discussion on - line help and urges students to confrontation is greater .  

(4)   Ease of access to teacher :

     It provided an education e - ease great in getting the teacher and access to it in the fastest time so outside of times work official , because the trainee has become able to send inquiries to the teacher of through e - mail, and this feature useful and convenient for the teacher more , rather than to remain restricted to his office .  And it is more useful for those whose working hours conflict with the teacher's schedule , or when there is an inquiry at any time that is not likely to be postponed .

(5) The  possibility of changing the teaching method

The possible receipt of material scientific way that suits the student . Some of the suits him the way the visual , including suits him the way audio or read, and some of them commensurate with the way the process , education is electronic and sources allow the possibility of the application of resources in ways different and many allow for modification according to the way the best for the trainee .  

(6) Appropriateness of different teaching methods :

E- learning allows the learner to focus on important ideas during writing and compiling the lecture or lesson , and also allows students who suffer from difficulty concentrating and organizing tasks to benefit from the material because it is arranged and coordinated in an easy and good way and the important elements in it are specific .

(7)   help add to the repetition :

This feature additional for those who are learning the way the process Those who are learning about through training , if they want to express all their ideas , they put them in sentences certain which means that they are re - repeating information that trained them , and so also do students when preparing for the exam given .  

(8)  provides curricula throughout the day and in all the days of the week (24 hours in the day 7 days in a week ):

This feature is useful for people Alm'zajian or who want education at a time certain , so because some of them prefer to learn in the morning and the other evening , as well as those who bear the burdens and responsibilities of personal , this is the feature allows for all learning at the time that suits them .

(9) continuity in the access to the curriculum :

This feature makes the student in the case of stability so that he can get the information that he wants at the time that suits him , is not linked to times open and close the library , which leads to the comfort of the student and not injury weary .  

(10) Not relying on actual attendance :

No need for a student from the obligation to schedule a time specified and restricted and binding in the working group for the education of traditional , but now no longer so necessary because the technology of modern and provided ways to communicate without the need to be present at the place and time given to it has become coordination is not of such importance that cause inconvenience .  

(11)  Ease and multiple methods of assessing student development :

     Provided the tools evaluation immediately to give the teacher ways a variety of building and distribution and classification of information in a quick and easy evaluation .

(12) Make the most of time :

     The provision of an element of time is useful and important too for the parties to the teacher and the learner , a student has the possibility to access the immediate for information in the place and time specified and therefore do no need to go from home to the halls of the lesson or the library or office professor and this leads to save the time of loss , as well as the teacher can keep Bzmenh from Loss because it can send what the student needs via the instant communication line .

(13) Reducing the administrative burden for the teacher :

     Education E allows the teacher to reduce the burden of administrative , which was to take him time great in every lecture such as the receipt of duties and others have reduced education e of this burden , it has become the possible sending and receiving all these things all through the tools of electronic with the possibility of knowing the receipt of the student to these documents .

(14) Reducing the workload in the school :

E- learning provides tools that analyze grades, results and tests, as well as create statistics about them. It can also send students' files and records to the college registrar .  

Fourth : Barriers to E- Learning :

E- learning , like other methods of education , has obstacles that hinder its implementation, and these obstacles include :

1- Standards Development :

E- learning faces difficulties that may diminish its luster and impede its rapid spread . The most important of these obstacles is the issue of approved standards . What are these standards and what makes them necessary? If we look at some of the curricula and courses teaching in universities or schools, we find that they need to make adjustments and updates many as a result of the developments of the different every year, but every month sometimes . If The university has invested in the purchase of materials learning on the form of books or CDs CDs CD, You'll find it incapable of modifying any thing in which what did not not these books and disks are re - writing , which is complicated even if it was possible . To ensure the protection of an investment entity that adopts education mail not to be the solution Negotiable customizable modification easily .

Launched recently in the US the first standard of education e - based on the language XML, Named SCORM standard Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 1.2

2-   Compensatory regulations and incentives from the requirements that motivate and encourage students to e- learning . Where it is still education mail suffers from the lack of clarity in the systems , methods and techniques that are where education is clear and that the failure to decide on the issue of incentives incentive for environment education is one of the obstacles that hinder the effectiveness of the education mail .

3- The   safe and effective delivery of the educational environment .

Lack of support and cooperation provided by for the nature of the education effective .         

Lack of standards for the development and operation of the program effectively and independently .               

Lack of incentives for the development of content .

4. The science curriculum or Almithodologia Methodology  :

          Often it is taken decisions technical than by technicians or technicians certified in that on their use and experiences of personal , and often do not take into account the interest of the user , but when he regards it to education is not necessary for us to develop a plan and program standard because it affects more directly to the teacher ( how to teach ) And the student ( how to learn ). And this means that most of those who in the education mail are from specialists in the field of technology , or at least most of them, but specialists in the field of curriculum and education , and education is not their opinion in education mail, or at least not is the makers of the decision in the process of educational . Therefore, it is of utmost importance to include educators, teachers and trainers in the decision- making process .  

4-   Privacy and confidentiality :

The occurrence of attacks on the sites key in the Internet , influenced the teachers and educators and put in the minds of many of the questions about the impact of that on education electronic future and so the penetration content and examinations of the most important obstacles to education mail .

5-   Digital Filter Digital Filtering :

Is the ability of individuals or institutions to determine the perimeter of communication and time for people and whether there is a need to receive their contacts , and then Do these connections restricted either not , does cause harm and damage , and have it put filters or filters to prevent contact or closed before the communication is desirable where as well as the matter for propaganda And ads .

6.  The extent of response to students with the style of the new and their interaction with him .

7.  Monitoring methods of integration halls lesson with education immediately and make sure of the curriculum the school is going according to the plan drawn them .

8.  Increase the focus on the teacher and notice his personality and its importance for the institution of educational and ensure that the lack of sense of not importance and it has become something heritage traditionally .

9 awareness of members of the community in this type of education and not stand the negative of it .

10 provides an area wide of the space electromagnetic   BandwidthAnd expand the scope for wireless connectivity .

11 , the need for continuous training and support for learners and administrators at all levels , as that this type of education needs to training continuing according to renewed technical ..

12 need to train the learners how to education using the Internet .

13 need to publish the contents on the level of a high of quality, so that competition global .

14 edit all the rules of old , which hinder innovation and the development of ways new promote innovation in every place and time to advance education and demonstrate the efficiency and dexterity .  

      Finally , we can say that it must be re - drafting of laws and regulations to save the rights of copyright and publishing, so as to protect the rights of the violation and also applied in education mail .  

Conclusion Recommendations :

          During the decade last it was a revolution huge in the applications of computer education and still use the computer in the field of education and education in its infancy , which increases day after day, but taking takes forms several one computer in education to the use of the Internet in education and finally emerged the concept of education e - which depends on the technical To present content to the learner in a good and effective way . And that there are characteristics and advantages of this type of education and outstrips the most important advantages and benefits in A_khasar time and effort and Altcfh in addition to the possibility of the computer to improve the level of the year for the collection of school, and to help the teacher and the student in the provision of an environment learning attractive .

Despite the importance of this type of education and the results preliminary , which proved the success of this , but the use is still in its infancy , where he faces this education some of the obstacles and challenges , whether they're technology is not to adopt a standard uniform for the formulation of content or technical and is in the privacy and the ability to penetration or educational and is the lack of participation Educators in making this type of education .      

  Finally, it can be said that to ensure the success of the e- learning industry, the following must be done :

1.    Social mobilization among community members to interact with this type of education .

2. The    necessity for educators to contribute to making this education .

3.    To provide infrastructure infrastructure for this type of education and is in the preparation of cadres of human trained as well as the provision of lines of communications required that help to transfer this education from a place to another .

4.    Establishing programs to train students, teachers and administrators to make the most of technology .