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Online education problems and solutions

Online Learning: Problems and Solutions

Problems that face e-Learning


E-Learning has  his share of challenges and the problems, but can students success using tools appropriate, for students who are not suited for the environment class classroom traditional, provides e-Learning  a chance exceptional , because it provides the flexibility that they need it to achieve success, like all models of e-Learning, suffers e-Learning  Of some of the problems inherent, especially in the areas of isolation and support , technology and discipline, we detail some of the challenges and problems the most common in e-Learning about distance, in addition to ideas to improve the experience of e-Learning for all students . Presents this article show some of the problems common to teach electronic and explain every problem and solve it.

 There are ten disadvantages of fundamental relate to education across the network Web are:

  1. The limitations of sending feedback to students via the Internet .
  2. can that cause e-Learning electronic isolation social .
  3. requires e-Learning e - skills strong in the motivation of self - management time .
  4. Failure to develop students ' communication skills via the Internet .
  5. prevention of fraud during the assessments through the network Web is complex .
  6. leaning teachers across the network Web to focus on theory rather than practice .
  7. lacks e-Learning mail to communicate face - to - face .
  8. E-Learning is limited to some specializations .
  9. Learning across the network Web is available to the population of illiterates in the field of computer .
  10.  Lack of accreditation and quality assurance in education via the Internet .

The problem of lack of support in the case of online Learning  :

It means the absence of material for teachers that they may not be available to guide students or support when it is in yesterday 's need for it, depends the availability of consultants entirely on the program of e-Learning about after which he joined his students, even support the existing depends on the students to formulate questions and request help, something you may find some students are difficult, if offended students understand the concept of what or have the building blocks essential to know, it may not be on familiar with these problems, just work and face - to - face with a teacher will help them to solving this problem is common for education mail from by creating the building blocks of basic missing and understanding of concepts difficult .

The problem of the feelings of isolation in the case of Online Learning  :

It depends a lot of Learning on a peer where uses students ' discussion groups and to work from through the material, he learned others and explain concepts and answer the questions and the defense of the positions are all excellent in Learning and thinking cash . Socially it may feel the students are also isolated and loses interaction that enjoys it in the environment chapter classroom, in the while that this is a problem common in Learning, you can face these problems than during the selection cycle of Online Learning , which provides opportunities for discussion and interaction of through seminars through Internet sites wiki Panels , discussion , blogs, and create opportunities for interaction outside of class school such as clubs , sports classes and dance camps and summer and to it .

The problem of discipline in an e-Learning case :

There are as certain of the pressure of social regulation, which is in line with the separation school traditional, such as he should be attending students in the time specified with the performance of the duties of home and are guiding them through every step of their path of study, and remind them of the duties and tests the next and there is a structure and routine must follow them .

Some of the students disciplined self and not have a problem in e-Learning , while you may feel some others lost, you can help from through the establishment of the structure and routine of study, should the students also learn the skills of the Executive, and these are the skills that it needs all students to be successful in academics and in life, of these skills , such as organization and identify priorities tasks and skills of the study and management of time is not innate .

The problem of technology in the case of e-Learning :

Made developments in technology e-Learning about after an option more scalability to the application where became the students are able to interact with each other and with the teacher, and the use of audio , video and text to learn and use the Internet to search, to ensure that a student educated effective from afar, it must be have to have the possibility of access to all technologies that they need and be able to navigate and use the tools available to them more effectively .

A problem not to attend a teacher in the case of e-Learning about distance :

The first and most important critics of the system of e-Learning is that it lacks the presence of a teacher, it said that e-Learning three elements are the process trilogy included the teacher , students and curriculum of study, outside of any pole is important to any teacher almost missing or behind the scenes . Can that include the solution: reactions reaction from the side of teachers and authority with respect to acceptance, you must submit tasks , tests and projects for learners from distance from time to time .

The problem of the low level of institutes of e-Learning :

No matter for universities open, the departments of e-Learning  working within the framework of universities , traditional, Vsultat universities do not offer full facilities of the sections of theses, in this way remains the potential of the system is underutilized, if not still e-Learning a follower of the universities of traditional, and will remain the weakest relationship between the system learn traditional and the two wings of innovation , which will not exceed it, and within the framework of solutions regarding this problem in e-Learning  that first counter along the universities of different state on the form of shops selling must ban grades scientific or not to be considered testimony for any benefit to students and staff, a second must be granted sections of e-Learning for after this independence to prepare a plan of work and policies for them with taking into account the resources available and the needs of the regions distant, and learners in mind .

The problem of inertia , which imposed regulations the university in the case of e-Learning  :

You must be working sections of e-Learning within the rules and regulations of the universities , which leaves room for a small workout, trying to members of staff teaching in the sections normal put obstacles in this work of these sections, the For example revisions repeated curricula without consulting departments e-Learning, Veugd a lot of Learning a based on the campus of university and e-Learning  to take advantage of the integration full of terms of expanding the range of courses available online for students to learn, and the economy in the functions of teaching and allow students living in campus university flexibility greater in the selection of the range of resources and strategies for Learning, include this problem solution while talking about e-Learning  system Learning traditional, must be borne in mind that these two systems are not hostile to each other, can be moved both systems together in order to benefit from each other in the service issue noble to provide Learning for all, however it can be e-Learning  to achieve more in terms of expansion Access to Learning .