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Study Abroad Secondary Education in the USA

 Studying high school in America

Studying high school in America is one of the things that many international students from all over the world strive for, as the educational system in America is characterized by quality and high efficiency, as each country has its own educational system that differs from other countries, and America is considered one of the countries The distinct education system that depends on a unique educational system within its educational institutions is difficult to obtain in other countries, and when talking about secondary schools, we find that it adheres to a set of precise laws that cannot be overlooked so that every person within the system can benefit.

High school study in America:

The educational system in high schools in America needs a good understanding and perfect application, which helps the student to obtain the highest results and achieve high success rates that provide him with the opportunity to join the most famous international universities, and America contains free public secondary schools for children of residents without regard to racial differences Religious or social, as well as religious educational bodies, taking into account the difference in religious beliefs among students, in addition to educational bodies that specialize in students with disabilities, which indicates that studying high school in America is one of the ideal options to obtain a wide range of benefits.

What are the stages of high school education in America?

Secondary education in America is divided into a group of different stages, as each of these stages represents a certain importance and is linked to a specific period of time, so what are the stages of secondary school study in America?

- The stage that is limited to the ninth grade and the twelfth grade, and this stage is concerned with students between the ages of (15-14) and the age group (17-18)

- The stage that follows the success of the student in the twelfth grade, in which the student obtains a high school diploma

- The stage for students who were unable to obtain a high school diploma, in which the student can attend the General Educational Development Exam (GED), and upon passing it successfully, he can obtain a certificate proving his academic skills in secondary school.

What are the types of high schools in America?

The study of high school in America requires choosing from a wide range of scientific fields and optional specializations, including non-academic fields that are represented in printing or driving cars and other various disciplines that provide the student with an opportunity to determine what he prefers and wants to study, and secondary schools in America are divided into two types: Public schools and private schools:

1- Public Schools:

America contains many public schools that are the ideal choice for the majority of American citizens and children of residents in America, as these schools provide education for free and do not require payment of cash for all residents of the United States of America, and these schools enjoy a lot of diversity and flexibility that is not similar In matters pertaining to schools, educational curricula and the approved divisions within classes, due to the great interest in public policies in these schools and the disregard for details related to private policies.

2- Private schools:

Private schools in America adopt religious trends, as the majority of these schools adhere to special religious beliefs, including Catholic schools, and there are many schools of various religious trends according to different beliefs, and include many students who account for 11% of the total students in America These schools are governed by the authority of educational laws and regulations, and they also impose tuition fees on students that vary according to the school the student chooses.