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Study medicine in America ( everything related to studying medical specialties )

Study medicine in America

 ( everything related to studying medical specialties )

Studying Medicine in the USA

Studying in America is one of the best options for pursuing study abroad, as there are more than one million students in the United States who are pursuing their studies in various disciplines and stages of study and university, which constitute 5% of the total number of students in America.

As for studying medicine, the United States is considered the best place to pursue studies with this specialization, and this despite the fact that the system of studying medical specialties there.

You need special requirements to pursue the study there, which we will learn about in the following lines, in addition to all the other details related to studying medicine in America

Requirements and conditions for studying medicine in America

It is worth noting at the outset that the United States has more than 172 institutions that offer academic paths in various medical specialties, between universities, colleges and specialized medical schools.

Consequently, the requirements for studying medicine may differ from one agency to another. Therefore, students are always advised to check with whom they intend to study before starting the registration procedures. You can find out the requirements through the official websites of each agency. Of course, this is in addition to general requirements that you will find at all parties.

Bachelor Degree

The first requirement to study medicine in America is to have a Bachelor's degree (undergraduate) in one of the scientific disciplines, preferably biology, chemistry or organic chemistry.

Therefore, we mentioned in the introduction to this article that the system of studying medicine there differs from the system prevailing in the rest of the world, in the United States a scientific specialty must be studied for a period of four years, and after that you can continue studying medicine.

MCAT exam

It is an abbreviation for The Medical College Admission Test, which is an admission test for colleges and medical schools, and it is one of the US national tests that aims to investigate applicants' knowledge of basic concepts and sciences, in addition to their critical thinking skills and abilities in describing and solving problems.

And you must obtain a good mark in this exam when you take it, as it is one of the prerequisites for admission of students to medical academic programs.

Other requirements

Other requirements include obtaining a TOEFL or IELTS certificate to prove your proficiency in the English language, some universities there require the TOEFL exclusively, so you must make sure of the entity you intend to apply to if it accepts any of them or requires a specific certificate.

In addition to a recommendation letter, a letter of motivation, and other requirements that any university requires when international students apply to it, such as official documents and documents, in addition to proof of your financial capabilities to bear the costs of study and living (we will learn about the costs shortly).

Study stages to study medicine in America


It is the stage in which you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of the scientific specializations, in order to be accepted later in medical schools and colleges.

Study medicine

It is the stage in which you study medicine for four years, and you graduate with a medical doctor or MD degree. In the last two years of this stage, you will have practical training under the supervision of specialized doctors, and this is the stage that corresponds to the study of human medicine in Arab universities.

Medical Residency Stage :

It is the specialized stage, which lasts for four years of work as a doctor under the supervision of specialized doctors, and after that you graduate as a specialist.

Medical Fellowship

This is an optional study stage similar to that of postgraduate studies, from which you graduate with the rank of a consultant physician higher than the previous stage of course, and lasts from one to two years of work in a hospital in one of the subspecialties of Albatia. At this stage, you are required to pass the Board Exam for Subspecialties.

Application mechanism to study medicine in America

For most medical colleges and schools in America, applying to them is through the Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS), with the exception of some bodies that apply to the entity you intend to study in directly, the University of Texas is one of them.

AMCAS processes applications for students and then sends them to universities and colleges chosen by them - that is, students - universities in turn may request more details, information or documents from the student, and this is known as a Secondary Application.

AMCAS imposes fees on students applying to study medicine in the United States of America, the fee is $ 160 in order to submit your application to one school, and if you want to add a second school to your application, you have to pay about an additional $ 40, and of course, this is regardless of the tuition fees and regardless of if your application is accepted First.

There is an option for financial assistance regarding application fees to medical schools and colleges and regarding fees for the MCAT exam. You can learn more details about this from here.

Tuition costs

With regard to costs, studying in America is almost the most expensive among the countries of the world and international study destinations, whether for studying medicine or otherwise.

According to the Association of Medical Colleges in the United States, the average fee for one year in medical colleges amounts to about $ 37,000, and more than that in highly-ranked universities and academic institutions, whether in America or the world, to about $ 60,000 annually in tuition fees and medical insurance.

Housing and living costs also can differ from one city to another and according to the lifestyle as well, but it is expected that the student will need an average of 25 thousand dollars for one academic year as living and housing costs. This includes housing, food, clothing, transportation, internet, and other living expenses.

America's best medical schools

There are more than 170 schools and colleges in the United States of America that offer academic tracks in medicine for all levels and specialties. Many students face difficulty in determining the best place to pursue their studies in them. Universities and colleges with high academic rankings in the United States and the world are witnessing strong competition from international students to obtain admission to them.

This is in addition to the many requirements and conditions that such universities impose on students, in addition to the high costs, as they have a high academic reputation and many students from around the world compete for a place in them to study medicine in America.

The best universities and colleges to study medicine in the United States are the following in order:

  1. Harvard University is definitely the best university in the United States and the world.
  2. Johns Hopkins University located in Maryland
  3. Stanford University
  4. Yale University
  5. Duke University

These were the best universities for the quality of their study programs, their academic reputation, and the rankings they had in the United States and the world.

In the event that you are looking for the least expensive universities through which you can study medicine in America, they are the following universities and colleges:

The University of Texas Health Sciences Center costs about $ 18,000 a year to study.

Texas A&M Center for Health Sciences, and the cost of an academic year in it is about $ 18,000.

The University of New Mexico, where the cost of the academic year in medical specialties amounts to about 19 thousand dollars.

The University of North Texas Health Sciences Center costs about $ 20,000 per year.

That's not all, there are some scholarships that you can get to pursue a study in medicine there in case you are unable to afford the costs.

Most prominent scholarships to study medicine in the United States

It is worth noting at the outset that the grants offered to pursue studies in America often witness high competition from many students around the world who wish to study there, as well as the conditions imposed by each of the bodies that offer these grants, so you must ensure that the conditions fully meet you. And possess all the qualifications that enable you to compete for the grant.

Most prominent scholarships to study medicine in America

  1. Johns Hopkins University scholarships for international students from outside the United States, which can be in the form of a student loan or a scholarship to finance studies.
  2. University of Southern California scholarship for international students, which covers all academic majors within the university, and it can be a partial grant covering part of the fees and expenses or a college grant.
  3. Tulsa University scholarship, which partially covers tuition fees and can be between 2000 and 16000 thousand US dollars.