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Study system in the United States of America

 Study system in the United States of America

The types of educational institutions differ in the United States of America and vary, and below we will take a look at the most prominent types of educational institutions in the United States of America:
Community Colleges: 
Community colleges in the United States of America provide degrees of assistance, and they also provide students with professional certificates and a number of bachelor's degrees.
Vocational schools: 
Vocational schools in American universities focus on developing and developing the talents that humans have in a number of professions that do not require a degree, but rather require training and development.
College of Graduate Studies in the United States of America: These colleges are known as the graduate school in other countries, and these colleges have links with the universities that provide them with a bachelor’s degree, and these schools provide bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.
Religious institutes: 
These minerals are used for the purpose of teaching religion. Ministers, members and clerics study various topics that are related to religion.

 The academic system in American universities?

The academic system in the United States of America may differ according to the university and the major in which the student studies, but there is a large number of commonalities between the academic system in American universities, and all students, including international students, must be fully aware of this system, in order to They can avoid making mistakes that may result in them losing their chances of completing their education.
In American universities, the student gets his grades, which pass or fail through the mid-year test and the end-year test, as education in America consists of only two semesters.
During the year, the student may be required to carry out study assignments and some projects, such as research seminars, short articles, or tests in laboratories in the event that the branches in which the student studies are scientific branches, and through these works the student secures a set of grades, which help him pass the final exam.
As for cheating, American universities are among the strictest universities in dealing with this issue. Therefore, students, especially international students, must know what the university considers fraud, especially while writing research seminars and scientific projects.
Most American universities use the Torrenton program to catch cases of cheating, and the punishment for cheating is harsh, as the student may be deposited in the material he cheated with, and it may lead to the student being expelled from the university.

Grading system in universities in the United States of America?

The grading system in American universities is one of the good and distinct systems, so that many global countries have followed this system, so that this system is considered as the global system for distributing degrees.