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Why studying in the United States is the best

Why studying in the United States is the best

The study system in the American states is distinguished by its tradition, as American universities began to emerge and appear in the seventeenth century. Harvard University is the first American university and the dean of universities in America.

The United States of America is the most famous place for higher education, as about 16% of international students study in the world, and the number of international students in American universities is about 75 thousand students.

Although the United States of America is characterized by the high cost of studying in it, the quality and excellence of the study made it the number one choice for a large number of students spread all over the world.

The founding of this university dates back to the year 1636, when it was established by the colony of Massachusetts, and in the year 1693 the College of William and Mary was established, and these universities were founded for religious purposes.

After that, institutes and universities appeared in a number of American regions, and the curricula in that period were very small, and liberal arts were taught such as Greek and Latin history, geometry, region, and ethics.

American universities continued to develop over the coming years and ages, and education developed in them, until the number of educational institutions at the present time reached about 4,500 educational institutions spread all over the United States of America.